Saturday, May 31, 2008


All the usual SJ drills plus 3 nice walks throughout the day so far.

Power clean: 2 minute countdown timer
5x3 140 across. I am going to keep the weight on these constant for about 5-6 sessions

OHS: 2 minute countdown timer
3x5 45 across. Decided to try a light weight. I may add 5 pounds next time if this doesn't hurt me tomorrow. I need to get the shoulders stable anyway, and this is one good drill to do it.

Suitcase DL: 2 minute countdown timer
3x3 L/R 95 across.

2 hand sledge levers: 2 minute countdown timer
3x3 alternating L/R I marked may grip with athletic tape so I can keep track of progress

Later I will do some odd object type conditioning out in the back yard, but for now I am showering up so I can take the missus on a dinner date.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Modified DOE manmaker:
15 minutes alternating 2.5 pound shoulder rehab moves with 10x24kg swings

Super Joints throughout the morning at my desk


Floor press:

Pinch grip:
44 pound high pulls


High pulls and diamond push-ups to finish up.

New Programming

I have been bored and uninspired by my programming, so I decided to scrap it. At first I thought I should at least stick it out for the 4 weeks, but then I thought this is really my only hobby, and if it's not fun I'm not doing it. So there. The new plan will look like this:

Day 1:
-Deadlift 2x5
-Side press 2x5
-Pinch grip DL 2x5
-Jandas 5 sets

Day 2:
-Power clean 5x3
-Overhead squat 3x5
-Suitcase DL 3x3 L/R
-Sledge levering

Day 3:
-Deadlift 2x5
-Side press 2x5
-Pinch grip DL 2x5
-Jandas 5 sets

Day 4:

Until I add overhead work back in I will be subbing floor press for side press and front squats for OHS.

In addition I will be doing Super Joints Drills and modified DOE manmakers every weekday that I train. On Saturdays if it is a training day I will do a conditioning workout with odd objects such as sandbags, sledge strikes, keg and rock lifting, and so forth.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Morning recharge:
-3 way neck
-Shoulder circles
-16kg halos
-Face the wall squats
-15/45 pull-ups/push-ups split up as 12/36 and 3/9
-Modified DOE manmaker, 15 minutes alternating 10x24kg swings and shoulder rehab exercises with 2.5 pound plates

Decided that from now on I am going to keep the SJ to a minimum in the morning and string the rest of the drills through the day. I just do them at my desk and finish up the spine stuff as part of my warm-up for my noon workout. I am still doing all the drills, and the things I am doing for my shoulders have been amazing. I will try some overhead work in about mid June. More to follow. I am off to the gym.

Not a great day of training. Pistols weren't going well, so I gave up after a couple of warm up reps and one rep at 55 pounds. I skipped weighted pull-ups because I think they made my shoulder sore last time.

I ended up doing the following little circuit 5 times through:
-Face pull, 5 reps
-10 push-ups
-109 pound suitcase DL 1 rep L/R

Then I did Janda sit-ups:

And stretching:
-Souped up toe touch
-Hamstring stretch
-Decompression hang

I also tried a set of 5 hang power cleans at 109 and a 333 pound deadlift. If they don't make my shoulder sore later I will start including power cleans in place of the weighted pull-ups.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Morning recharge:
SJ part 1 plus face the wall squats and 1 minute third world squat, minus cossack and squats

Density pull-ups: 2 minute countdown timer
10 sets of 6 reps

Face pulls:

Feet elevated push-ups:

Run: 1 minute countdown timer
10x100m on the track

-Souped up toe touch
-Back stretch
-Hamstring stretch
-Decompression hang

Monday, May 26, 2008


Morning recharge:
SJ part 1 minus cossack and sub face the wall squats for squats.

Modified DOE manmaker:
15 minutes of alternating 3 reps 2x24kg floor press, 10x24kg swing

Floor press:

Weighted pull-ups:

One hand plate pinch DL:

Behind the back barbell wrist flexion:

Janda sit-ups:

Push-ups w/ one hand elevated on KB:
3x10 L/R

KB high pull:

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Morning recharge:
Super Joints part 1 minus the Cossack and subbing face the wall squats for regular squats
Also did 5 pull-ups and 15 push-ups

Modified DOE Manmaker:
15 minutes alternating 1 rep of double 24kg floor press with 10 reps 24kg swings

Had intended to do more, but Annie was playing the music for a friend's wedding and it took more or less the whole day to do that. On the bright side we got a nice walk in.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Back squat: 3 minute countdown timer

Weighted pull-ups: 2 minute countdown timer

One hand plate pinch DL:

Face pull:

Push-ups: 5 minute countdown timer for superset of push-ups and face pulls

I PROMISE that tomorrow I will do mobility when I wake up. I have been lazy these past two days because of being tired, but I need to get back with it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Weighted pistol:
5x1 L/R

Weighted pull-up:

Feet elevated push-ups:

Face pulls:

One hand plate pinch DL:

Janda sit-ups:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Morning recharge:
All of the drills from part 1 of Super joints except squats and knee circles. Subbed face the wall squats for these and also added some push-ups and pull-ups at the end. Just a set of 5 pull-ups and 15 push-ups

Density pull-ups: 2 minute countdown timer

Sprints: 1 minute countdown timer

-Souped up toe touch
-Hamstring stretch
-Decompression hang

Monday, May 19, 2008


Floor press: 3 minute countdown timer

Weighted pull-ups: 2 minute countdown timer

Janda sit-ups: 1 minute countdown timer
5x1 hands in the reaching forward position on the way up, and in the boxing position on the negative

Plate pinch DL: 2 minute countdown timer
5-5 L/R

Behind the back barbell wrist flexion: 2 minute countdown timer

Med ball push-ups: 1 minute countdown timer
3x10 L/R

Face pull: 1 minute countdown timer

Decided to strictly monitor rest intervals as a way to get in and out of the weight room quickly. The total time for this workout was about 50 minutes once you figure in some transition time.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Strength Programming

Now that the PFT is over it is time to focus on strength. I still have to work around the shoulder, so with that in mind here is my plan.

-Off except for mobility drills.

-Floor press 5x5. Pick a weight and go for sets across. Move up when I get all 25 reps.
-Weighted pull-ups 3x3. Sets across.
-One hand plate pinch DL 2x5.
-Barbell behind the back finger roll-ups 3x5
-Janda sit-ups 5x1
-Med ball push-ups 3x10 L/R
-Face pulls 5x5

-Density bwt. pull-ups
-10x100m sprints

-Weighted pistol 5x1
-Weighted pull-up 5-3-2
-Feet elevated push-ups 3x25
-Face pulls 3x10
-One hand plate pinch DL 2x5
-Janda sit-ups 5x1

-Off except for mobility drills

-Back Squat 5x5. Pick a weight and go for sets across. Move up when I get all 25 reps.
-Weighted pull-ups 5x1, working up to a heavy single
-Janda sit-ups 5x1
-Push-ups 3x20-50
-Face pulls 3x5

-Hand elevated one arm push-ups 5x1
-Two hand plate pinch DL 3x5
-Oven mitt grip towel swings, 3x10-15 L/R
-Two hand swings at the top of each minute, 10-20 minutes
-Anything else nasty I can think of. Tire dragging, sledge work, etc.

The push-ups and face pulls are included to rehab my shoulders. I still didn't make it in to the PT, but when I get more rehab exercises to do those will be included too.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

PFT results

Push-ups (no time limit): 73
One minute sit-ups: 41
Vertical jump: 24" (maxed out the testing apparatus)
300m run: 55 seconds
1.5 mile run: 9:30

On the 1.5 mile run I was by far the fastest candidate, and on everything else it's hard to say because I couldn't see the other candidates as they were completing the tests. I have to think my push-ups were at or near the top of the group. Sit-ups I'm not sure, but these tend to slow a lot of people down. I think about 2 or 3 other candidates maxed out the vertical jump. I have to admit that on the 300m run I didn't try my hardest. We didn't have much time for a warm-up, and I didn't want to give an all out sprint and hurt myself.

Friday, May 16, 2008

PFT tomorrow

No training yesterday or today. Big day tomorrow. I am going to go have a snack and turn in early. Wish me luck, I will post results as soon as I am able tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weights for sale

The first photo, as you can see, is of the bench.
This is the torn padding right at the bottom of the bench (furthest from where your head goes).

This is the wear and tear on the head rest.

Here is the bench with the olympic bar and plates (dog not included).

Here is a detail shot of the plates loaded on the bar and held on with the collars.

Curl bar and dumbbells loaded with 10 pound plates. The dumbbell handles, like the plates, are the Gold's Gym brand.

The rest of the plates are Fitness Gear. I got them at Dick's about a year ago.


Morning Recharge:

Part 1 of Super Joints, all exercises for 10 reps

GTG with 8 pull-ups and 24 push-ups all day

Run 1 mile easy:


I started the watch and then left it at the start/finish line so I wouldn't be tempted to look at it and go faster.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


No working out today, but a post is necessary anyway because I did my first full recharge routine. I used all of the drills in the first section of Super Joints (Joint Mobility, not Strength Flexibility).

Many of the drills challenged me in what felt like a good way. My spine flexibility is not up to par, and my neck, wrists and ankles could also be better.

I also took a short walk. Today was just what I needed leading up to my PFT on Saturday.

Monday, May 12, 2008


GTG with 24 push-ups and 8 pull-ups

11 on the minute for 10 minutes, total 110 reps

3x600m on the track

1. 2:14
2. 2:08
3. 2:11

Satisfactory session. I was having a little trouble pacing the 600s, but they were close enough. I am optimistic that I can at least run a 9:45 on Saturday, and maybe faster if it's a fast field. I went to the doctor and received a prescription for something to take the swelling down in my shoulder. He also referred me to physical therapy and said if the medicine and therapy aren't effective we can try a cortisone shot.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day Annie! Thank you for giving me Anja!

Nothing to speak of yesterday. Lots of sets of GTG with 8 pull-ups and 24 push-ups. I spent the majority of the day baking for today's Mother's Day fesitivities.

Today was better, but still an abbreviated session.

Weighted pull-ups:

Floor press:
5-5-5 L/R

Pinch grip DL:

Janda sit-ups:

Lots of 16kg juggling type stuff in between all sets.

Tomorrow morning is my doctor visit. I will be interested to see what he says in terms of what I can safely do on the shoulder and how long it will take to get back into it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


GTG with 21 push-ups and 7 pull-ups all day.

10 reps at the top of each minute for 10 minutes. Total 100 reps.

On the track, starting each effort at the top of a 2:30 countdown timer.

Times were again in the 33-35 second range. A steady rain was falling, which made this a bit harder and more miserable than usual.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Weighted pull-ups:

Used a 24kg KB on my new IronMind dip belt that arrived today. It was very convenient because I had myself scheduled for the pull-ups, and I also burned a vacation day today, so I was at home and able to use the new gear right away.

16kg Kettlebell flip swings:

These were done after every set of pull-ups.

Floor press:
3-3-3 L/R

Used the 32kg KB for all. I have been feeling the need to do some strengthening exercises to assist my push-ups. If these don't cause any soreness I will keep doing them and add more volume.

Towel grip swings:
5-5-5-5 L/R

Alternated sets with the floor presses. Used a 24kg KB and it was pretty tough. I fold a hand towel in thirds lengthwise, then double it over and lay it on the KB handle. It challenges both crushing and supporting grip. Great bang for the buck exercise.

Plate pinch DL:

Two handed swings:
15 with the 24kg KB

Great workout. I've also been looking through my two new books, Bullet Proof Abs and Super Joints, and messing with some of the drills. I will probably put together a morning recharge with a few of the drills in Super Joints. It's too early to say I've seen any serious results, but some of the shoulder drills have already made my shoulders feel more relaxed than they've felt in days. Later tonight I will run through some ab stuff like my Jandas and bridging, and will mess with more of the drills from the books.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


On a 1 minute countdown timer, alternating rds of:
-32kg swing, 15 reps
-5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats

For 12 minutes. The calisthenics took almost the whole minute, while I had about 30 seconds rest after each set of swings. I immediately laced up my running shoes and went out to the track.

1.5 mile run


Not bad. That's a 7:06 mile. The circuit beforehand was a smoker, so that obviously impacted my speed. This would be fast enough to beat at least 90% of the candidates at the PFTs I have previously participated in.

8 sets of 10 sit-ups with 1 minute rest between efforts

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Still giving my legs a rest from the hard core running, I put together a little circuit today.

3 rds of:
-32kg KB swing, 20 reps
-20 push-ups
-20 squats
-24" box jump, 20 reps


Tomorrow is off and Tuesday I start back training hard for the PFT. Hard to believe, but I only have about another week of hard training before I take a short taper and then test myself.

Friday, May 2, 2008


3 rds of
20 push-ups
7 pull-ups
15 GHD sit-ups

Run 1 mile on the track:

This could probably have been faster but for the heavy rain and wind.

More calisthenics and stretching when I got inside, 2 more sets of 7 pull-ups and 15 diamond push-ups

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Gear, Resources

Well, I finally did it. I got on line and ordered a nice IronMind dipping belt and another pair of Pavel's books. I selected Super Joints and Bullet Proof Abs. I should have all of it by the end of next week. I will be sure to report back on each product.

In other news, I have an appointment with a specialist to look at my shoulder next Wednesday. With luck they will be able to refer me to therapy, surgery or other methods to get this shoulder back on track (after the PFT of course) so I can lift heavy on it. Some searching on the forums makes it sound like occasionally a surgical procedure is done to pare down some of the bone that is causing the problem. At this point I'm up for whatever.