Thursday, November 7, 2013

40 Days

As many times as I've tried and failed, you might think I would realize that programs requiring me to do a certain workout on certain days of the week just don't work too well for me. I made it through 25% of the No Distractions plan before a part time job and getting sick derailed me. If I was not a complete wimp I would pick back up and finish, but I'm skipping it. The other thing that wasn't going well was pushing the weights on Zerchers. My injured hip was feeling it. My plan was to complete 6 weeks and then go on the 40 Days template for one cycle or maybe even kind of indefinitely, changing the exercise selection slightly after every 40 workouts. For now I'm using Zerchers, pull-ups, snatch grip DL, bench, and farmer carries.

Pull-ups: 25x5, 25x5
Sn. grip DL: 185x5, 185x5
Zercher: 155x5, 155x5
Bench: 155x5, 155x5
Farmer carry: 73+80 down the driveway and back

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