Monday, October 28, 2013

No Distractions Week 1

Last week I started a program based in large part on this article by Pavel Tsatsouline. The Zercher squat portion I did not mess with at all. The HSPUs and pull-ups I modified by substituting KB C&P ladders on Tuesdays and bench press ladders on Fridays. On the KB C&P days I will be doing unweighted pull-ups alternated with the presses, and on the bench days I will be doing weighted pull-ups. I left out the swings on the Zercher days and will be doing farmer carries instead. I may have to be flexible with the schedule also, as I have a new part time job starting soon. The warmup is the same each day and includes mobility, hip rehab/prehab, prying goblet squats, rope skipping, and TGUs.

Monday, 10/21:
Zercher- 135x3, 155x3, 175x3, 195x3
Farmer carry- 80lbs each hand down the driveway and back (approx. 150 yards)

Tuesday, 10/22:
KB C&P- 53lbs 2x(1,2,3)
Pull-ups- 2x(1,2,3)

Thursday, 10/24:
Zercher- 135x5, 135x5, 155x5, 165x5, 175x5
Farmer carry- 80lbs each hand to the end of the driveway and back

Friday, 10/25:
Bench- 185x 2,3,5,2,3,3
Weighted pull-ups- 20 lbs, same reps as bench.

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